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Ricardo Castilho .

Ricardo Castilho is a talented and aspiring cinematographer and filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario. Growing up in the city, Ricardo discovered his love for film at a young age and became fascinated with the industry's inner workings. After realizing that computer studies were not his true calling, he made the brave decision to switch colleges and pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. In December 2022, Ricardo graduated from Toronto Film School with distinction, achieving Present Lists awards from Terms 2-6. During his time at film school, Ricardo gained valuable experience working on a wide range of projects, including the critically acclaimed "Hope for Christmas," "Realm 2," and many others, including his own work while attending school.  In 2022, Ricardo's work on "Hope for Christmas" which won multiple awards at several film festivals, cementing his reputation as a skilled and promising filmmaker.


In 2023, Ricardo took on his first Director of Photography (DOP) project, a comedy short film called "His Idiotic Actions," which required six hours of filming. The project served as an excellent opportunity for Ricardo to flex his creative muscles and further refine his skills as a cinematographer and director. Ricardo's passion for film and his desire to create meaningful and thought-provoking works are evident in his dreams of directing a horror series that tackles anti-war rhetoric and a fantasy film with a similar tone to "Lord of the Rings" or "Saving Private Ryan." With each new project, Ricardo is building his body of work and continuing to hone his craft as a filmmaker and cinematographer.

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